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If you live in an appartment or a gated community, our technology help you in simplified and transparent society management

You can manage vendors, visitors,opinion polls,announcement and alot more at the click of a button.Did we tell you it's free?

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Why Us

Freemium app - India’s first free mobile app for communities and apartments

Multiple apps data integrated - Avoid downloading multiple apps which are used in day to day life, access apps from aptap

Payments- Pay utility bills including your community maintenance amount.

Analytics- Analysing your expenses trends, provide cost cutting and money saving analysis.



Community Newsfeed and Groups

Have a dedicated NewsFeed for your community and stay up to date with activities like, posts, events, polls, meeting updates, etc

Member Management

Add and edit residents and tenants details, have the community members data intact.

Vendor Management

Share vendors details and provide rating to the vendors for their services.

Visitor/Security Management

Track guests and visitors moment with a robust tracking mechanism

Issue Management

Log complaints sharing a picture of the issue and keep a track on status. Committee member can tag respective vendor and follow-up on progress

Asset Management

Asset listing and booking of assets made easy


Publish classifieds in the surrounding

Services / Utility payments

Access multiple apps via one app, also pay your utility payments



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